New Website Launch

In these unprecedent times, I guess some may consider me foolish to push forward with a new business venture in this pandemic. However, my business and photography experience has allowed me to pursue my career and work hard to help clients sell their homes and promote their businesses. For this very reason, I present to you my new website.

I am fortunate enough to work within an industry that has grown during the pandemic with housing market sales increasing by 6%. There are multiple factors to this of course but I’m sure the government waiving stamp duty for homes under £500K has had a big part to play. I hope that this housing market boom continues and I look forward to working with many of you.

Whilst other businesses have of course suffered during these difficult times, let’s keep looking forward. The vaccine is slowly getting around the UK population and once people can gather together again, I am sure restaurant/pubs/holiday lets and so many more will be filled with people pleased to be out and about. So, to the businesses I say let’s get ready; lets prepare for a rebrand, updating imagery to get people through your doors – you now know who I am, so let me help you prepare for these up and coming times where we can say we have all started a new adventure.

web launch image