I think it’s pretty safe to say that most of us enjoy a good browse through rightmove, zoopla and the other property sites out there. However, I wonder in terms of the marketing tools used by estate agents and developers, what order we use these tools in and what we find most important.

The marketing tools used on rightmove and other sites, are constantly evolving from photos, property descriptions, floorplans, 360 virtual tours, video walk through tours and so forth. I am constantly trying to develop skills in multiple areas in order to offer services that estate agents and property developers wish to use.

If I’m browsing through rightmove or a similar site, as a photographer it’s unsurprising that I start by looking through the imagery, then the floorplan and if I’m interested, at that point I will view the 360 virtual tour to have a look at the flow of the house. I then go back to the imagery. At this point, I would contact the agent if I was serious about viewing.

I personally find that the better the quality of imagery the more likely I am to continue looking at a specific property, even if I already know that the property may not be entirely right.  If poor photographs are used, I am instantly put off. I also don’t know if it’s just a psychological thing, but sometimes I can think a property can look almost dirty if poor images have been used. As a result, I naturally move on and don’t review the rest of the house and or look at the other tools used to help advertise that specific property. A missed opportunity I’m sure.

So, my question to you is this, what is important to you? What is your property browsing routine, and what tools do or don’t you use?